Written by Humas Al Hikmah   
Friday, 23 March 2018 15:14

Last Tuesday, 20th March 2018, one of STKIP Al Hikmah Surabaya lecturers, Yuniar D.A. Siregar, S.S., M.Ed., attended the IMOOC face-to-face session at American Corner, Uiversitas Airlangga. Ms. Siregar was one of the around 100 IMOOC students who were chosen out of approximately 1000 applicants from all over Indonesia.

IMOOC is the program under RELO (Regional English Language Office) of the U.S.A embassy in Indonesia. IMOOC was created and designed by Indonesian lecturers and teachers who have joined previous program by RELO and who received intense support by Americanprofessionals and academicians. The IMOOC itself is a 11-week online couse on the topic of Technology for Autonomous Learning. (Sir)


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