Written by Humas Al Hikmah   
Saturday, 10 March 2018 14:01

Thursday, March 1st , 2018, The two delegations from STKIP Al-HIkmah for Summer Camp 2018, Rayhan Muhammad Al Fatih from English education department and HaikalAsyauki from primary education department, accompanied by UstadzahYuniar as the secretary of PPBI went to STKIP PGRI Jombang. There, they met the delegations among STKIP PGRI of East Java to get in touch introducing each other. By this, hopefully, can ease and make the communication between coordinator and the participants clear.


The programme which will be held in Phuket, Thailand for a week has a lot of updates. The most important update is the due date. It was change from March 6th to 20thof March.

The coordinator also explained about the schedules and agendas in detail. The English teaching workshop and culture performance are the main topic of that meeting. We are, the participants, ordered to be more active in giving opinion and question. So, the teaching experience exchange among post teacher and lecturer going as well as Thailand institution and association of STKIP PGRI and Al-Hikmah East Java hope. To entertain and convince them coming to Indonesia, the participant are preparing some tribe dances and introduction videos about Indonesia tourism place from every regency and presentaion about it. This section will be presented in fort of all of participant of Summer Camp 2018 and Indonesian Empasy for Thailand.


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