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Monday (21/Aug/2017) STKIP Al Hikmah held a discussion about education system at 4th floor of STKIP Al Hikmah Surabaya building. The panelist came from University of Algiers, Algeria. Mr. Wassim, was in his 3rd semester in master degree in the University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene (USTHB). USTHB is a university located in the town of Bab-Ezzouar 15 kilometers from Algiers, Algeria. In 2010, according to University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP), it was the best university in Algeria. USTHB collaborates with western universities. Agreements exist between the faculties and their counterpart in France, Quebec Canada and othercountries for training and research. Severa l Arab and African students receive grants to study in the USTHB (Wikipedia).


In this discussion, Mr. Wassim presented the education system used by the government in Algeria. He said that in Algeria for the school stages divided to 3; primary school for 5 years, secondary school for 4 years, and high school for 3 years. For the higher education, there are about 50 universities and university centers, with the composition of degrees as American and European standards; 3 - year bachelor and a 2 - year master in the education and teacher education field, there was no requirement for a teacher in Algeria to be graduated from a teacher education university, but nowadays to be a teacher he/she needs to pass the selection to be a teacher. Further, the education and teacher education majors had considered to have more special quality then other majors. One of STKIP Al Hikmah students, Abdhi Assolah (English Edu ’14) questioned ‘is it possible to us to do some sit in or teaching practice in Algerian schools?’. Mr. Wassim answered in Algeria there is no teaching practice in schools in Algeria, as he found it is, but the united nation has a program like Indonesia Mengajar program, to send teachers to outlying places to teach in the school there. (Reporter: Kam – Editor: Wij)



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