International Conference at ITB Bandung

Bandung – One student from English education teaching major (Musthafa Kamal from second year) was present at the 12th Bandung International Conference on Language and Education (BICOLE 12) held by ITB Language Centre, the University of Leeds UK, and the British Council UK in ITB Bandung by 23-25 July 2018. This conference was organized under the title Active and Autonomous Language Learning for the Millennial Generation (kids jaman now).

One of the keynote speakers was Dr. Martin Lamb from the univ. of Leeds UK, an expert in educational psychology. The research was talking about the function of teacher in formal language learning in classroom against the active & autonomous learning trends in recent years. This topic was crucial for the future of teachers since it was noticed the digital technology developed rapidly in back few decades, and teachers must be prepared for this condition when they are teaching in ‘future’ classrooms. Dr. Anne Wiseman, head of research publication from the British Council UK, presented the long-term impact of professional development programme on teacher lives. She found that continuing professional development (CPD) programmes impact to teachers’ pedagogical skills; such as confidence, professional and personal growth, friendship, and opportunity, but there were also unanticipated impacts that needs to be aware of. Dr. Gumawang Jati, a senior lecturer at ITB Bandung, was discussing about the use, resources, until the thinking skills of technology in ELT. All three days of the conference were conducted with some parallels presentation by presenters from various background, and were closed by workshops in using digital technology for teaching, and there was a free city tour around Bandung for the presenters and participants.

This is a remarkable achievement, that Musthafa’s paper abstract that was accepted, was presented under the sub-theme ‘active and autonomous teacher’. The research was talking about the influence of teachers’ beliefs in using digital platform for teaching and learning. This issue was hoped to help teachers and schools/institutions in implementing ICT in their education system. Also, this may increase and develop the quality of students in writing and conducting scientific researches. (k)

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