The Slips of Mahasantri

Written by Nurullah | Student of English Education Department 2014 batch

It is happened in the daily activity of Mahasantri of Al Hikmah Teacher institute. It is called as slips. It is caused by their language that can’t connect with their mind. In simply, they know what their intended meaning or what they want to say, but unfortunately they have wrong production or pronunciation.

          I have discussed with two Mahasantri in informal situation. They told me everything, then I also told them something, but when I stated something to them. I said, “My experience is good, isn’t it?” then, one of them suddenly said “Mine is better than you.” From that example we actually realized that his intended meaning is “Mine is better than yours,” but it probably their language is not connected with the mind that they want to produce, but although they spoke like that, we (the partner) still understand to what their intended meaning is.

          When I tries to speak with the second Mahasantri, he also did the same thing with the first Mahasantri. So to solve this problem, I suggest that the one who usually did this wrong slips, directly gets the treatment at that time. The treatment could be the grammatical error of the structure.

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