Semantic Problem while Teaching Process Based on My Experience

Written by Fery Effendi | Student of English Education Department 2014 batch

While the process of teaching English sometimes we find several problems inside. The problems may come from the students and the teacher. In this studied the author will write an experience of the semantic problem that had been done by the teacher inside the class. Based on study of linguistic, we may say that semantic the study of meaning, how does the meaning can be understood by the listener or reader.  In the study of semantic, during process of delivering the meaning we must pass the three steps of delivering meaning, they are mind, word, and world. The teacher would like to deliver his idea from their mind at the time. He tried to transform the idea from his mind into word, by using English to deliver his idea. Because at the time we learnt English language. It means the teacher has passed to steps of delivering meaning. But in fact, because of the condition from the students were low in English. Most of the students did not understand the idea that was delivered by the teacher trough English. It means the teacher did not require the last step of delivering idea. Based on my analysing, it was not because the language that he used to deliver the idea. But the way of delivering the idea also be one of the factor in this problem. The teacher may use gesture to support the language or provide several media to achieve the require of the last step. It is world.

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