Semantic Problem to the Real Situation on the Class Based on the Experience Inside of the Class

Written by Achsanul Huda | Student of English Education Department 2014 batch

Semantic is linguistic study deals with the meaning. It probably something useful and powerful study inside of our life. From the study focus, we would like to know the essence of the words that we use for communication in daily life. Inside of the study, it must have the problem that could solve by this focus. One of the problem is that when we found the difficulty words to comprehend because we have not known the word before. The specific problem inside of the class that we found in the class is deals with the National Examination preparation. Inside of the test there are some questions that deals with synonym and antonym. It is something difficult that faced by the students inside of the class. This cases deal with Semantic study. It should be solved by understanding the words on the choice that has already known previously. At least when we know one word that contrasted or as the same meaning with the word on the question. That is one step to the correct answer of the question deal with synonym and antonym. It deals with the definition of the synonymy theory. The other problem based on the synonymy is that the learner could not use the words in appropriate context usage. Example the students can’t distinguish the appropriate word for “untuk”. Inside of their mind they have understanding the words “to” and “for”. Or the students can’t distinguish the appropriate word for “melihat”, they will get the difficulty to choose “look”, “see”, or “watch”.

The other problem inside of the class is that, when the student get the difficulty to get the gist of the sentence or clause. It deals with the kind of the word or commonly we know it as part of speech. The problem that faced by the students deals with this case is the students get difficulty to understand when the students faced the transformation of the word classes. Because it is could change the meaning of the word when it change the word classes. Then, it feels that should be solved by using semantic study. At least to interpret the meaning of the sentence.

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