Problem in Cognitive Definition

Written by Muhammad Amir Hamzah | Student of English Education Department 2014 batch

During the class, the teacher explains a material about recount text. She empowers the students to the easy way to comprehend the lesson. So, she always gives translation in during the lesson either Bahasa or Javanese. Time by time, they enjoy the lesson. Unfortunately, they get trouble to use some vocabularies. By means, they are confused to choose the proper vocabulary. For the example “sampai” in Bahasa, they tried to use “until” as the proper vocabulary. Here the meaning of “sampai” is arrive exactly, when she told her story activity during day long. The teacher realizes that the problem comes up because of the Grammar Translation Method. In the other hand, it analyzes as the cognitive definition problem. The prior knowledge influences them to produce the vocabulary.

Another problem of cognitive definition that happens in a class is the differences between Idioms and Proverb. The students get confused on it. It comes up because they are not familiar with it. In the first moment, they predict that proverb and idioms are likely with poetry. Then they are freely to change word as they like. Based on semiotic triangle, they are not completely get the mind (idea), so the problem appears both of word and the world. To solve the problem, the teacher enhances them to practice through argumentative writing. In figuring it out, the teacher also check each of the students’ understanding.

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