Lack of Pronunciation Occurs More Homophones: Semantics Chaos in Students’ Daily

written by Muhammad Farich | Student of English Education Department 2014 batch

Some of English Foreign Language students in Indonesia are in low level. In the case of they are too focused on complicated grammar, finally they are mad with that. It is probably worse if we look deeper on their vocabulary. Furthermore, they are also lack in how they pronounce the vocabulary.

Pronunciation has important role in communication. In a situation, a tutor communicated with the students (in this case junior high school students) about “Plan” in a topic of future plan. Unfortunately, a student recognized it as “Plant”. The tutor assumed that may be the student don’t recognize the “-t” sound in the last of “Plant” pronunciation. Then the student continued it by asking about the difference with “Plane”. It means that the student’s pronunciation skill is considered as low. In fact, Plan, Plant and Plane don’t have any homophone between them. But the students’ lack of pronunciation makes it as homophones in their mind.

In a matter of solution, the teacher should construct the students’ vocabulary variety a long with the pronunciation. Showing the similar pronunciation (Homophone) to the students is important for the teacher. So they will be more careful in the same pronunciation by the context or even similar pronunciation. Moreover, the teacher may have a creative teaching to give the homophones and homonym to the students, such as vocabulary game or word play.

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