Education Treasure

Knowing that real meaning of ‘الارض ’ is precisely the lowest abode of where human lived on, every single thing got its weaknesses though. Yet it is much more than a scale for human to wander around. Allah put only one rahmat to the earth and universe and let a cow moved its foot to avoid stepping on its baby (calf). While, 99 else are kept to have it given by the hereafter. Right before the Prophet Muhammad PBUH left the world for coming back to Allah, he said, ‘I’ve completed the deen (Islam)……’ Ever since, all the prophet’s successors and his companions strongly believe that the word ‘completed’ meant to cover all of the matters since then.
In other sides, people around the world are stumbling to fight for the right and truth but pointless except within permission of Allah. Specifically, in education, more than 1400 years has established the best education system ever in the world. The prophet Muhammad PBUH as the greatest teacher successfully brought all of his learners towards freedom. Freedom means light from darkness, smart from stupid, wealth from poor, and so forth. In conclusion, the education system he used successfully elevated learners’ degree of their humanity importantly. In discussion, education experts across the globe were stumbling to know, to define, and to understand the deepest meaning of education. One of the ideas that were spreading massively about education principle is bringing back the humanity of a human. The worldview of western tried to get the value of education needs to be appreciated. It dragged human throughout dozens era of where human were subconsciously in a hypothetical projection to seek truth. And nowadays, one of remarkable speech I quoted from a very influential woman, Oprah Winfrey in a Stanford university Commencement said that she realized the process of education should not bring the outside in but inside out. More than this simple meaningful statement, as a Muslim is part of Jahilliyah (foolishness) easily go with the trendsetter and forget about the fact attained by the Golden era of Rasulullah.
Education has put a level of learning through many phases and soon will end up with the same. From cognitive concern to non-cognitive, people hardly learn about the very basic principle of education but the only parameter to this discussion is simple. Whatever it is, whoever they are, if he could be a better person after the education process means it works well. The education nowadays so apparently does not significantly change a thing except producing people likely able to differ good and bad while they still choose the bad. This is out of the product after but it recognizes the failure of it. Without exemplifying, we all understand those who did corruption are intellectuals. They do not change at all after education system unless more potentially vary to do harm. The system of education which builds humanity innately could change the world but less acknowledgment since it was Islamic teachings.
A message for the whole educators, treat your students as what they can grow as a human who wants to be better not only a smart person. Better means everything is leveled up and being more of ourselves and moreover understand the inner goal of reason why human is created. Hence, education must be a vehicle to get us into destination of where our Creator wants us to be. Allahu a’lamu (Allah is the Most Knowing)

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