3.15: The Awakening Generations

3. 15

The Awakening Generations


Department of English conducted Pre-Collage Programme  which entitled “3.15: The Awakening Generation”. The programme that held on February 15-19 2015 aimed to sharpening the students’ speaking and writing skills of English. All students were offered activities that could help them to improve their language skills. The activities were designed to rise the students’ sensitivity of English and also to make them aware of the importance of English in their life. Ustadzah Herlina, The Programme Developer, “I design this programme in order to offer my students an English speaking environment, I adopted some summer camp curriculum and integrate it with Islamic culture. At least this programme could be the trigger for our students to speak in English at Mahad and campus for 24 hours”. In line with ustadzah Herlina, Amir Hamzah, the Chairman of this programme also stated that they will provide some follow up programme which fully supported by EFECT (The Students of English Executive Board) to enrich the students vocabulary as well as improving the 4 skills of language.


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