Effortless Speaking English

the-language-learnerWhat is English fluency? What does it mean to speak English easily and automatically?
As an English speaker (L2) My definition is simple– you speak English automatically when your speech is effortless. You speak fluent English when the words come out of your mouth– without
translation and without hesitation.
Sometimes this is called “thinking in English”, but truly automatic speech is even faster
than that– there is no thinking. You donʼt think about the language at all- you just
speak as easily and effortlessly as you do with your native language.
Why is automatic fluent speech important? Itʼs important because automatic English
speaking is the key to getting results with English. Automatic speaking makes it easy
to connect with native speakers. As an automatic English speaker, itʼs easy for you to
make friends, participate in business meetings, talk to customers, understand movies,
and get better jobs.

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